Guide to Promoting Giveaways, Sweepstakes and Contests

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Updated September 2016

Use our case-study of various giveaways we promoted over a two-month period as a guide to successfully promote your own. Our Google Analytics Data allowed us to discover the best places online you want to submit your giveaway to gain the most entries!

You may have a huge list of giveaway sites and sweepstakes directories but it may not really be worth submitting to every single one. That’s what we discovered when reviewing our data.

We created this guide to show you exactly which ones performed the best and which factors are most important when promoting your giveaway. You will also learn how you can use social media to gain even more entries.

Submit to Sites that Drive the most Traffic

Our data shows that a little over one hundred giveaway websites our contests were listed on never got us even a single visitor. Some performed so poorly we completely stopped submitting to them. This not only goes for actual blogs and sites hosting giveaways but also traffic data from social media.

This is why our data is a complete guide to promote your giveaway, sweepstakes or contest. Now we will post the results from our promotion campaigns over a two-month period…

Our Giveaway Submission Results

Top 5 Giveaway, Sweepstakes & Contest Sites

There are many factors in promoting giveaways so keep in mind this is just one case-study of promoting multiple giveaways in various ways. Here’s the Top 5 sites to list your giveaway, sweepstakes or contest according to our data. Traffic from these sources are both paid and free.

Giveaway Promote – We received 1,201 visits from this site alone. All listings here were paid for at an average of $15 per listing but it’s well worth it. They will promote free if you’re not running a business. Never-mind the cost on this one, it’s good for the traffic!

Contest Chest – This one wasn’t too far behind at 1,167 and it’s completely free for all listings. You can also publish it yourself during the submission process. – Great place to submit but tough to get approved. We received over 695 visits which is great. Although, often we list here and get a flood of traffic over days but it soon gets deleted. If your giveaway can stick it can provide the best results. – This one was good for 632 visits so it’s another great source. Featured placement on this site cost $10 but it’s worth the investment in our opinion.

Giveaway Frenzy – All the traffic we receive from our promotions as well as directly from search-engines places us in the Top 5 easily! It is quite hard to determine exactly where we stand since we are reviewing data internally, but the following data may help…We received over 16,000 direct visitors, 9,000 referrals from other giveaway sites and blogs, 1,600 visitors directly from Google Search as well as over 8,000 from social media sites over a period of two-months.

Tip: We suggest upgrading your listing to be featured after submitting for free if the price is right. This way you can compare traffic to regular listing vs featured using Google Analytics data. We only recommend this if you are already getting a good amount of traffic from free listings.

One other site you should check out is Sweepstakes Advantage which happens to be the largest directory of free contests and sweepstakes. This site was right behind Emperola by literally just 2 visitors so we had to mention it. Quick approval for listings is pretty common as well. We wanted to share this one because it can really make a difference in gaining you more entrants. As of lately it now costs $10 just for 1-month access of submissions which is a bummer but you won’t have to pay for it if you purchase any of our submission services.

Google Analytics Social Media Results

Top 5 Social Media Sites That Brought Most Traffic to our Giveaways

This data shows you just how powerful social promotion can be for your giveaway!

Many factors are involved as social media may require growth in fan-base and followers to achieve the greatest results when promoting your giveaway.

Keep in mind an unknown amount of traffic is also generated from our visitors sharing our giveaways themselves to their various social media profiles. View the results below…

Facebook – We expected this one to perform the best and it is a combination of traffic from our Facebook Fans and posting to Facebook Groups related to Giveaways we are approved to post in. Our traffic from this source alone may have very well gained our clients over 8,000 entries according to traffic.

TwitterOur Twitter Followers play a factor in this as well, but we also use a unique method that drives people directly from Twitter that has helped us gain almost 7,000 visits.

Reddit – Very Good source and it requires no fans or followers. You just post it in sweepstakes and giveaway subreddits and that’s all! Over 5,000 visits from this source.

Google+ Our Google+ Fans play a role in the 751 visits we received from this source but the best results are from listing on Google+ Communities related to Giveaways. There are over 6 we post in to get this kind of traffic.

Pinterest Our Pinterest Followers along with the 7+ Pinterest Giveaway related groups we are approved to post in helped us gain over 400 visits. With a combined reach of over 150K people who can see our posts, Pinterest can be a great source.

Tip: Social Media and Newsletter Promotion can account for just as many entries if not more than all giveaway sites you submit to combined. This depends heavily on your fan-base and subscribers as well as growth in groups you are approved to post in.


Alexa ranking of sites you submit to may be an important factor but often it can be misleading.

“The biggest factors that determine how many entries your giveaway gets depends more on how well your giveaway can be discovered on these sites and if they will even approve your listing in the first place. Alexa rank should only be used as a guide but not used to determine the best sites from what our data has shown”

We discovered many sites never approved any of our submissions so were of no value at all.

Cost of listings and featured placements also play a role. In most cases it’s better to submit to all free sites than to pay for any listings at all. Sometimes it’s worth paying extra to get listed or get more views and sometimes it’s not, depends heavily on the cost-to-views ratio which can vary with each campaign.

Now that you read our guide you can check out some giveaway apps to launch your own contest. Last, feel free to view our portfolio to see how certain giveaways performed using our service or you can hire us right now to promote your giveaway for you.









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