Giveaway Hosting

Giveaway Hosting

If you are looking to hire someone to host your giveaway, GiveawayFrenzy can help. Launching a giveaway is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to grow your fan base and bring awareness to your brand. Our full promotional giveaway package includes full setup and promotion. View our giveaway advertising packages for more details on how we will be promoting it.

Our Giveaway Hosting Service – $97 or $57

  • We will brainstorm an idea for a giveaway that is directly related to your business or brand if you’d like or go with one you already planned.
  • We will add your listing to our site as a featured listing and you will be promoted to all of our social media fans as well as other groups we submit to. Your giveaway will also be promoted in our newsletter to all of our subscribers.
  • We will promote it on over 100 giveaway sites and feature your giveaway on all of the blogs and directories that get the most traffic.
  • We will help you manage all entries and engage with those entering your contest as well as closing your giveaway properly.
  • Allow us to use our brand when launching your giveaway and we will do it all for just $57!

GiveawayFrenzy is not only one of the biggest giveaway directories on the web, but is also a marketing company with proven results. Over 85% of our clients using our services are repeat customers. We are the only full-promotion giveaway company on the web and our service is like no other!

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