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We now will be accepting submissions for all giveaways – must have value of $25+.

You can submit giveaways and add a sweepstakes or contest below for Free. GiveawayFrenzy helps promote them for blogs, businesses and brands using Rafflecopter, Punchtab, Woobox and other giveaway applications. All giveaways must be high-demand products and gifts for our members to easily enter. We also offer complete giveaway hosting.

Important: We will easily approve cash prizes, gift cards, and popular products like PS4, iPad, etc. (refer to table below). All prize values must be over $25.

View our giveaway promotion packages in details before submitting to gain more entries, exposure and social engagement…

Giveaway Promotion:

Option 1: For only $57 we will submit your giveaway once to 100+ giveaway and sweepstakes sites using our Google Analytics data from over 100 promotions (This includes all the top sites like SweepsAdvantage which costs $10 for submission access, a guaranteed listing on our site, mom blogs and all the combined traffic. This has potential to get you tens of 1000s of entrants).

Option 2: For only $97 we will re-submit after 2 months (If your contest is over 2 months this may be a good choice for you since it will increase the chance of your listings being published on other sites as we will be submitting your contest pretty much daily for 4-6 weeks).

Option 3: For only $97 we will give you our full-promotion which includes Option 1 + (1 week) social promotion +  feature placement ( up to 3 months) + placement in main homepage gallery + newsletter promotion.

Featured Listing: For only $5.99 per week your giveaway can be featured and show on all of our pages and could be selected to show on our homepage grid. We get thousands of visitors a day! Should help get you more entries.

Social Promotion: We charge just $9.99 for posting once to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. We also post to (6+) Facebook Giveaway Groups, (4+) Google+ Groups, (6+) Pinterest Giveaway Group Boards, (3+) Reddit Sweepstakes Communities, few forums and more to increase social engagement. Increases viral sharing & potential. Estimated potential reach over 750k+ (We calculate this by adding our fans + no. of people in groups = over 250k x 3. We figure most of the people will not be in the groups but visitors. Our social promotion is a great compliment to our giveaway promotion)

Social Fans

Social Fan Giveaway Locker: For just $7.99 we can help your giveaway go even more viral and increase your Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers by requiring users to share your giveaway or follow you before entering. This is a good Rafflecopter, Punchtab, and Woobox alternative to launch giveaways.

Attention Mom and Dad Bloggers! You can now publish your own giveaways, all you have to do is register to our site and contact us with the name of your blog and we will give you publishing access.







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We need this code if you are using rafflecopter. Get code from the rafflecopter installation tab. Woobox, Giveaway Tools and other widgets are accepted as well.

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Submit your giveaway to 100+ giveaway/sweepstakes sites once for $57 or continuously for 1 month for $97. (This option is for giveaways lasting over 2 months and it includes 1 week of social promotion free) Giveaway entries usually slow down after first 4 days, you will get more entries listing them daily.  You can also choose our full-promotion package for $97 which includes submission to 100+ giveaway/sweepstakes sites once and (1 week) social promotion +  feature placement ( up to 3 months) + newsletter promotion. View a few who purchased this package. example #1 example #2 example #3

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Social promotion on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. You will also be promoted on up to (4+) Google+ Groups, (7+) Facebook  Groups, (6+) Pinterest Boards, (3+) Reddit Communites and more!

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Gain social fans in the process of people entering your giveaway. All of our giveaways have this feature already but you will grow Twitter followers and Facebook fans instead of us. Here is example of viral activity.

Feature your giveaway on our homepage and the left-side of every single page for just $5.99/wk or less

For just $3.99 we will email our 2,000+ subscribers your giveaway up to 3 times and any new users who subscribe! A good percentage of our traffic comes directly from e-mail. Take advantage of our newsletter promotion.