$25 Paypal Cash and $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Win $25 Cash paid via Paypal or a $25 Amazon Gift Card in this #giveaway from us! One winner will be chosen via the Gleam app below and the other winner is randomly selected based on being a member of this Facebook Group.

Here’s how to be eligible for the both giveaways

It’s really easy.

Giveaway #1. Enter via the Gleam app below

Giveaway #2. Join our Facebook group here.

NEXT: Once you’re in the group, under “Add Members” on the right side of the Facebook group, add all of your Facebook friends. Either type their name in the box, or click “Add Member” next to their name. Note: It may take a few hours for you yourself to be approved to join the group, so you will be able to add your friends after that point.

You’ll be given an additional chance to win for every friend you add! So, if you have 500 friends and you add all 500 to the group, you get 500 chances to win a $25 Paypal Cash and a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Add all of your friends to maximize your chance at winning! 

The amount of members you add is tracked directly you (so don’t worry…keep adding more people), and you’ll be notified on the group page if you’ve won.

If you want a quick way of adding all your friends, try watching this neat little trick.

It’s that easy.

$25 Paypal Cash and $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

End Date: 08/31/2017, Contest Eligibility:WW