300.000$ Photo Voting Contest – First prize 100.000$ – 50 Winners

To participate: 

  1. Make or select from your gallery a photo with you (If you want you can add a visible print or draw on your body of WINK logo or WINK TOKEN) and don’t forget to WINK! 😉

 *You can download logo at the link above in appropriate section.

  1. Make a post and story on instagram or twitter (on both is better) with these hashtags:

#wink_universe #wink_finance #wink_challenge #prize #model

*you can add more hashtags as you wish to get more views but these 5 are necessary to let the automatic system recognize and add it to the contest

*hashtags may be subject to change, check this section before you make a new post to be sure everything is ok (old photos will not be affected by eventual changes)

*closed profiles can’t participate to the contest and are not eligible for the prize as the system can’t recognize the hashtags, however if you want to make a post about us we will repost it tagging you.

  1. Mention our page:

Instagram: @wink_universe

Twitter: @winkfinance

Wait for approval (max 8 hours).

Here we go!

You are now officially a potential winner. You can charge 1 photo per week until the end of the contest.

End Date: 03/31/2023; Eligibility: WW

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