Free Drinkpod Pro 1000 Series Water System Giveaway! Value $349!

Here’s your chance to #win a brand new Drinkpod 1000 Series!  End Date: 07/18/2018; Eligibility: US/CAN

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About the prize.​​
The Drinkpod 1000 Pro Series is a 3-in-1 kitchen appliance that enhances how you experience water. It fulfills the roles of three different appliances, while still maintaining the smallest countertop footprint of any comparable appliance.

Advanced Water Purifier with Ultra+3 filtration that is 100x more powerful than typical faucet and refrigerator filters.

Water Sterilizer with UltraVi light sterilization that blasts bacteria with ‘ultra violet death rays’.

Water Dispenser with 3 dedicated dispense modes and 3 temperature modes to provide water how you want it, when you want it.

When combined, these three powerful abilities work together as your own personal water bottle factory, providing you, your family, friends, employees, pets, and plants with safe and delicious, sparkling pure water. The 1000 Series will pay for itself and still save you hundreds of dollars that you’d normally spend on bottled water in just the first year. Plus, it will leave you feeling environmentally responsible.

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